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creative-hidden-logo-37Yesterday I read a post on FaceBook by a man who essentially said that women in the United States are not oppressed and then went on to list how de facto oppressed women are treated. After all, we have all the rights and privileges we are allowed to have.

He mansplained that, “When you’re told to kneel by a wall while the man you were forced to marry shops in the market while you sit like a common dog, you’re oppressed. When you’re forced to wear coverings for your face and body, you’re oppressed. When you are forced to work the fields, receive no pay, have your clit castrated, are taught that you are below a man, and are not allowed to vote, you are oppressed.”

Whew.  Glad he cleared that up.

So let’s think about this.  If your culture does not allow you to participate in shopping because you’re a female, its oppression.  The Los Angeles Adventurers Club does not allow women to participate in solidarity as adventurers of the globe. There are many golf clubs Men Only Golfing Clubs that still don’t allow women to join; they must be a guest of a male member (ha!) to attend any club function.   The National Coalition for Men exists to provide a safe space for men from those pesky feminists.  There are probably more such havens that don’t allow women to participate, but they probably allow them to shop, so there’s that.

It is true that women in this country are not “forced” to wear “coverings” for their faces and bodies.  However, there is that fact that women (and men) who choose to wear them are threatened, belittled, accused of being submissive, and otherwise attacked for their CHOICE. Similarly, try to wear a simple pant suit as business attire.  Some men think you just shouldn’t do it because it detracts from the most important aspect of a woman as a person; her femininity.  After all, shouldn’t you be a lady first, then when you master that you can maybe become President of the United States.  Wait….

As for being forced to work in the fields, privilege much? I worked in the fields because that was the work most available to me.  It was hard and unlike my parents who did it for years until they through education and opportunity were able to move on to less strenuous work, I chose at an earlier age to find different employment, again facilitated through an education. And sir, if you think that people who work always get paid for their labor, look no further than our newly elected POTUS.  Sometimes he just didn’t like the way the work was performed so he didn’t fulfill his contract, other times he just decided that he had to cut his losses and move on; those people could surely find an education somewhere else. Heck, maybe they could take out a loan like I did. I paid it back easily in just about 10 years. Ms. Betsy would be more than happy to help you get to her bank for funding. Oh and stop with the minimum wage hikes already. Let the market decide.

Now, I will say, thank you baby Jesus I was not forced to have my clitoris mutilated. I just hope that my sisters who won’t be able to afford medical care when that disgusting Planned Parenthood is shut down can avoid hurting their clits when they use a clothes hanger to terminate a pregnancy. Clitorises are more important than cervixes or uteruses because those are messy, and in fact, why not just get rid of them after we pop out a baby or two.  We should, however, Save the Tatas because they are fun and bouncy; just don’t show them if the baby is hungry; go to the bathroom with that mess.

But good thing women in these United States are not taught that they are below a man. Poor Madonna.  She’s only allowed to speak at a rally only because “she’s a celebrity who offered to blow men for votes.”  I’m kinda rethinking writing this.  Do I have to blow some man to post this?  Most importantly, it’s a good thing girls are not taught that they are below a man…in any way…by any means.

You may ask why I don’t mention his name. It is because he lives off of clicks and I don’t want to send anyone else to his page. And really, his words are not what worry me. He does have a right to speak out.  It’s the comments of his readers.  It’s the re-posting of this man’s words that is the saddest of all. I came across this post because someone I know posted it for everyone who marched on January 21st to read.

The message that the author was trying to get across is that the way he sees it, this country is fine the way it is. Women should not complain because men allow us to have so much. Women should not march because there is nothing to complain about. However, like in birth control, prevention is the key. If we don’t share our voices now, we will, in fact, be oppressed.

I came across this post because someone posted it for us loud-mouthed protesters (and our daughters) to read.  Good thing that our girls are not being taught that they don’t matter.



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I am a social worker by training and a peace officer by profession having worked with California’s delinquent youth and young adults for 28 years. I firmly believe that our development as humans depends on our environment and that sometimes we get stuck. As such, I write about those things we sometimes ignore or fail to see until we are forced to pay attention.
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