Backyard Camping

Avi and I finally did it.  We slept outside in the back yard in my Big Agnes tent. May 5 can still be a cold time in Sacramento, so I dragged out every blanket I could so we would stay toasty warm.

He let me put a headlamp on his little head and we explored the yard in the dark. “Uy,” he said, “tengo miedo!”

We had to pull his pal Luna into the house since she wanted only to lay all over us and frankly I wasn’t ready to snuggle with a 70 pound dog in a tent with a toddler.

We pulled out our books, “Guess How Much I Love You and “Going On a Bear Hunt” and read them slowly and deliberately. Every so often we heard the branches of the giant Japanese Maple rub against each other in the wind. He would gasp and turn to me, blinding me with his headlamp. “It’s ok,” I would assure him.

We talked about every sound we heard and we discussed what could happen if that pesky raccoon came back to eat our oranges. He described how Luna would chase it away without really acknowledging that she had been banished indoors.

We talked and adjusted and pulled covers, and pushed them off. We listened to the delta breeze and the chimes ringing periodically. We put him in pajamas. I wanted him to know what it felt like to change his clothes in a tent.

We took selfies.

The sound of traffic picked up again around midnight as all the people coming back into our neighborhood which only has two entrances, returned from their late night activities. Eventually, it all simmered down and all we could hear was the fountain bubbling away.

We finally fell asleep and when the sun came up I felt him pushing my arm, saying, “Nocih, ya salió el sol!” Time to get up and go to the donut shop with his papa.

Soon, I hope very soon, we can do this for real. My guess is that we may go to Indian Grinding Rock State Park. We will be hiking in no time.

Siempre adelante.


About Caro

I am a social worker by training and a peace officer by profession having worked with California’s delinquent youth and young adults for 28 years. I firmly believe that our development as humans depends on our environment and that sometimes we get stuck. As such, I write about those things we sometimes ignore or fail to see until we are forced to pay attention.
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