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I am a social worker by training and a peace officer by profession having worked with California’s delinquent youth and young adults for 28 years. I firmly believe that our development as humans depends on our environment and that sometimes we get stuck. As such, I write about those things we sometimes ignore or fail to see until we are forced to pay attention.

It’s His Lens

Blurry and mismatched Crystal clear and identical He is his mother’s child Nothing new to grandmothers but he is new to me He dances with abandon Sings with a full orchestra SOME PIG My heart swells when his eyes puddle … Continue reading

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How Wild is Your Wild?: What do you really need to backpack in the wilderness?

  Have you read the book WILD by Cheryl Strayed?  It’s interesting and thought-provoking read.  That book was published in March of 2012.  I took my first hike during that summer (the Mist Trail in Yosemite) and hiked up Half Dome … Continue reading

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Another year passes and while it seems we are retreating into a horrid past, indeed we are not. The Sleeping Giant awakes! We pull forward those in need of a hand up. We shout to those not willing to listen. We continue to march to show our presence. And we continue to feed the faith that hard work is rewarded, now and forever. Viva Chavez!

via Cesar Chavez Taught Me to Love Climbing Mountains

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Gracias. De Nada. You Welcome.

I took Avi to dinner tonight. We went to Vientos, the restaurant he has been going to since he was a tiny baby. We always purchased albóndiga soup for him because we could basically use a fork to baby-ize it. … Continue reading

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Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Sundays are days reserved for going outside.  If we can, I load up the car and take Avi out somewhere in nature.  Sometimes we explore the banks of the Sacramento River since it is a few blocks from home and … Continue reading

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Red Velvet Cake

Written on August 09, 2010 I made a red velvet bundt cake tonight. My daughter asked me if I would. The beanpole boyfriend was over, so I thought, “well at least it won’t tempt me tomorrow…they’ll eat it all at … Continue reading

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I am so grateful to be able to share my voice about getting people of color outside, especially when they go with family, both young and old. Please listen…

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Veni, Vidi, Vici, Vittles and Vino

Written on Saturday, August 7, 2010, at 1:25pm Many many months ago, perhaps even years ago, I befriended a rather opinionated young woman, who although small in stature is big on life. She has a bear trap of a brain … Continue reading

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Every Story

Written on Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 11:52pm You know, I love to write. Since I now can type faster than I can write with a pen, I love it even more. I really love to write with a fountain … Continue reading

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How was your day?

Written on Wednesday, August 4, 2010, at 11:15pm The other day I told you all about how I carried my coffee mugs, etc. home from work in a bucket of plums. I didn’t tell you that I took a picture … Continue reading

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Tilting at Windmills

Written on Monday, August 2, 2010 at 12:57am We all, have our demons. We chase them and curse them, but like my coworker says, we never catch em. So why do we do this? Why do we expend so much … Continue reading

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Written Thursday, July 29, 2010, at 11:41pm   My friend brought me a bucket of plums. These plums are very purple and dark, and well, small. BUT they are delicious! They came to work in a square bucket; the remnant … Continue reading

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Is this the party to whom Im speaking?

Written Thursday, July 29, 2010, at 10:35pm     I remember watching the Rowan and Martin duo MC the 60’s show, Laugh In. I was very young and obviously impressionable. I used to imitate Lily Tomlin and speak like Edith … Continue reading

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  My love for figs is well known. My love for a particular fig tree is not so well known. I found this fig tree along the Sacramento River many years ago.  Since then, a wrought iron fence was put … Continue reading

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Written on Tuesday, July 27, 2010, at 11:01pm These first three days of the week have been full of interesting insights. They have not all been pleasant nor have they all been invited. But the insights were nonetheless received and mulled … Continue reading

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