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Walking Luna

Mixed earth and rain scents; solicit Metal clinking sounds on a key ring; alert House-bounds barking; agitate Anxious tugs; annoy Crunchy, semi-dead, partly soggy leaves; soothe Dinner smells; invite Wheels turning sharply on wet, oily asphalt; warn Beaming headlights; seek … Continue reading

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It’s His Lens

Blurry and mismatched Crystal clear and identical He is his mother’s child Nothing new to grandmothers but he is new to me He dances with abandon Sings with a full orchestra SOME PIG My heart swells when his eyes puddle … Continue reading

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Sacramento River Morning

She lay there smooth, yet rough; untouched by the pending day. Her curves were gentle and gradual, inviting and mysterious. Her face perfection, it glowed in golden hues,  a reflection of that surrounding her. The sounds around her beckoned her to … Continue reading

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The Yellow Sweater

I stepped off the train in my yellow sweater careful to step lightly, my eyes blinded by your smile I looked away   Illuminated into life under a summer’s sun your eye’s glance caught the reflection of my stare You … Continue reading

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