Key to My Notes

*This document was created for people reading my FB Notes who were not intimately aware of who I worked with at a Juvenile Parole Office in California. I thought that since I am posting these on my blog, Ode to Writing, that I should make it available again.

sac parole hat

Photo Credit: SistA. Published without permission.

September 19, 2010, updated October 22, 2010

I realized that I have been adding many friends to my FB page. Many of you may not yet know that I try like crazy to post one note a day on my wall. I have been doing this since July 2010. I have only missed one night because I felt really sick and spent most of my time cajoling my husband into getting me some late night junk food. I really couldn’t think anyway…so you were spared some ramblings.

I thought though that you should know who I write about. I typically pick topics to write about, but sometimes I write about the people at my office or my own family.

So here is a list, and I will update it as it either changes or grows:

LMA: Latin Male Adult, my husband

FDO: Favorite Daughter Olivia

FSN: Favorite Son Nico

SistA: Short for Sister Agent since she and I are the only girl parole agents in my office.

Mango Man: Parole agent who loves the flavor of mango candy.

Metro Male: Parole agent who despite his desire to be a slob will sometimes dress up in very surprising clothing including his fuchsia polo. (sometimes referred to as TALKY BOY- self-explanatory)

Shitake: Parole Agent that loves to sit and work without lights. I tell him he exists like a mushroom.

Stealth Man: Parole Agent that is so quiet you literally don’t know he is there. He makes his presence know with one line zingers that immediately put you in your place.

Fernando Fakespeare: Parole Agent that has the unique ability to simultaneously like ABBA and carry a gun (hence the Fernando reference). Not sure what happened there. AND he has an uncanny ability to mix his words rather badly then somehow convince you that he meant it that way (like Shakespeare). It is like watching a cat fall out of a tree then land gracefully.

UNK: The Unknown Parole Agent: We hired him months ago and we still haven’t seen him at work. He is stuck in the endless loop of clearance checks, etc. He eventually earned the name Rango In a Durango, for the fact he was assigned to work cases very far away from our office and required a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Tsunami Tom: Tumbleweed Tom: Prairie Dog Tom: named for the fact that you never know when he will pop up, our LAN manager travels all over the state fixing our computer problems. Yeah, we only have one IT dude.

Mufasa Jafar: The baby boy that PIRN is carrying; due in early October. What? Didn’t you watch Lion King?

PIRN: Pain in the Rear Niece: My niece Jess. She is also my godchild.

Dust Bunny: The Young woman I came to love as a friend after working with her many years ago. She is as irritating as dust bunnies on a hardwood floor. Other names she qualifies for: Rock in My Shoe and Gum on a Hot Day.

Signora DaBomba: My good friend Lizz who took me to Venice despite knowing me. She is Da Bomb!

Loud Student: We have many students that come and go in our office. Laura is the longest tenured student and is sometimes LOUD.

PSA: Pretty Skinny Associate; a parole services associate training to be an agent. Sometimes called Corvette hmmm

Ch-Ching: one of our clerical. LOVES to gamble.

MR: Mouse that Roared: a retired sister agent type that is known for her dainty self and tremendous, joyful laugh.

007: a new agent that is rather like Stealth, but very Bond-like in his verbal sparring.

CARBUKI: that’s me.  I’m the supervisor of a juvenile parole office in Sacramento, Ca.  We cover the area down to San Joaquin County to the south, West to Solano County, North to the Oregon Border and East to the Nevada State Line; we do it with about 9 parole agent positions….. Carbuki references the occasion when I admitted out loud that I typed my name CAROLINA without paying attention to the placement of my fingers on the keyboard, then misspelled it and it came out Carbuki.  ONCE I mentioned it ONCE.  It stuck.

I hope this gives you new readers some insight into my writing. You can read these notes under the Crime Fighting menu.

Thanks for being my friends.