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El Camino: Stuff just got real!

They say that El Camino de Santiago begins at your doorstep.  I beg to differ. I have been dreaming of doing this walk for at least 5 years.  I have watched movies about it, read about it, googled it until … Continue reading

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A Lonely Bird

I’ve been sitting in my home office researching and preparing for my trip to walk the Camino de Santiago. The past few days have been very mild and on the cooler side of August temperatures. I’ve left the sliding glass … Continue reading

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El Camino: Meet Sally and Sue Sawtooth!

    Just a quick update on whats going on. Last I wrote that my shoes, Sapphire Oboz gave me blisters on the very first day that I wore them.  So with head hanging low, and in complete awareness that … Continue reading

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El Camino: Boots, Socks, Blisters, Oh My!

  All the articles I have read about walking the Camino have one thing in common.  Every article, blog, list etc says, “Take care of your feet.” I’m a runner, walker, hiker, and backpacker.  I am no stranger to blisters, … Continue reading

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When the nest is (really, really) empty.

This weekend was wonderful albeit filled with all the anxiety and discomfort of a family milestone. We packed up the older sister and the three year old non stop talker (talkers are nothing new in our family) and headed to … Continue reading

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In Sickness and In Health

I wonder if I have become immobilized by fear. I haven’t been able to run since mid August 2017. That is the first time I actually typed out that date and now it sits here on the page, staring me … Continue reading

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Techno Envy

Written on Friday, July 23, 2010, at 11:47pm I like to take pictures. I have lens envy. I like to text. I want the emoticons for the iPhone. I like to play games on the phone. I need the most … Continue reading

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Clearing is a Noun

I’ve been approaching my 56th birthday with the idea that I would like to get rid of some things in my life.  I carry a boatload of feelings with me every day that quite frankly I’m tired of carrying.  I say the … Continue reading

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It’s Official: The CIM That Isn’t For Me

Two days ago I officially requested a deferral of my CIM race entry until 2018.  It was a very difficult decision and one that took over two months to make.  I have been keeping my fingers crossed, praying, rehabilitating, denying, … Continue reading

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You Can Call Me Nocih.

Dear friends…. A few weeks ago my daughter called to let me know that she is pregnant. She is a 22 year old, college graduate with a quick wit and a loving heart. She is living out of state and … Continue reading

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