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I’m on my way…..

I haven’t been very active this past year.  What I mean is, in comparison to other times in my life.  I hurt my lower back in August of 2017 during my third straight weekend of running over ten miles while … Continue reading

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Walking Luna

Mixed earth and rain scents; solicit Metal clinking sounds on a key ring; alert House-bounds barking; agitate Anxious tugs; annoy Crunchy, semi-dead, partly soggy leaves; soothe Dinner smells; invite Wheels turning sharply on wet, oily asphalt; warn Beaming headlights; seek … Continue reading

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Backyard Camping

Avi and I finally did it.  We slept outside in the back yard in my Big Agnes tent. May 5 can still be a cold time in Sacramento, so I dragged out every blanket I could so we would stay … Continue reading

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It’s Official: The CIM That Isn’t For Me

Two days ago I officially requested a deferral of my CIM race entry until 2018.  It was a very difficult decision and one that took over two months to make.  I have been keeping my fingers crossed, praying, rehabilitating, denying, … Continue reading

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Sacramento River Morning

She lay there smooth, yet rough; untouched by the pending day. Her curves were gentle and gradual, inviting and mysterious. Her face perfection, it glowed in golden hues,  a reflection of that surrounding her. The sounds around her beckoned her to … Continue reading

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Moon Struck Again

I love coffee. So I don’t drink coffee. As a backpacker, I couldn’t consume enough coffee on the trail to prevent my inevitable withdrawal migraines so I decided to reduce my caffeine intake by switching to tea. I’m on my … Continue reading

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Protected: The Lady Next Door

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Day 5: Gratitude is Seeing the Beauty

My friend asked to give voice to my gratitude for three things, once a day for a week. Today, a day when we received our first rain in months, I found gratitude in the beauty of it all. Day 5. … Continue reading

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The Light Changed Today

All day today, from the moment I opened my eyes I noticed that the light has changed around the house. The sun, cantaloupe orange, in that fake summer way poured over me as I lay in bed. The day would … Continue reading

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Pride Goeth Before (and After) a Fall

That’s an ice pack on my knee. That tramp tripped me.  Well, not really. Luna, my son’s 7 month old puppy (big-as-a-horse-dog) and I like to run a few miles each morning.  Last Tuesday we went out and she was … Continue reading

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When the Moon Hits Your Eye….

“Mom, I’m coming home with a puppy.  You can’t talk me out of it. You’re going to love her,” he said. And like that my life changed again, without my permission, and without my input. I have always been known … Continue reading

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