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I Won’t Back Down

You know, really?! I am for all intents and purposes, 56 years old. Yet today, I was at such a loss for words that all I could say….ok scream…was “asshole” to an old man wearing black spandex biking shorts and … Continue reading

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The Hidden Message

Yesterday I read a post on FaceBook by a man who essentially said that women in the United States are not oppressed and then went on to list how de facto oppressed women are treated. After all, we have all the … Continue reading

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for our sisters and daughters; our brothers and sons

Empowerment is a word I often used.  No more. Yesterday at the Women’s March on Sacramento I stood in the cold as I heard a woman representing the disabled community say that telling someone you are empowering them presumes that you … Continue reading

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Murmuration Nation

  The other day I ran across an NPR post on Facebook about the secret to successful murmuration among flocking birds (Video: Swooping Starlings In Murmuration – NPR).  While I have seen birds display this behavior along the Interstate 5 … Continue reading

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