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The Day I Lost My Mind

Tomorrow will be one year since the day I lost my mind. Late the night before (a year ago today) I violently poked at the remote control to the television and tossed/ threw it onto the sofa.  Then amid expletives, … Continue reading

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Bridges and Waterfalls. 

There’s something to be said about taking a chance on people and doing something new with them.  I have been very busy the past few weeks and particularly the last two. I have been coordinating a huge home project, helping … Continue reading

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Sad, Not Sorry

Everyone…well almost everyone, is lamenting 2016 as a terribly difficult year, myself included.  To those of you that aren’t sad, you may want to avert your mouse to a different blog post. During this year we lost so many people … Continue reading

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Loch Leven Trail…Donde you are?

Every year, in an effort to introduce the children to the notion of hiking and backpacking, my sister Lenora organizes a “baby” (now “kid” trip).  When the two littlest ones were tiny, the hike involved a two mile roundtrip hike … Continue reading

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The Moose Never Forgets

I rarely go clothes shopping.  If I go, its usually to a Marshall’s near my house, where I have a secret parking space that gets me in and out as fast or slow as I want.  Unfortunately, I also look … Continue reading

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A Birthday to Remember

Sometimes, the weirdest things happen to me.  Well, they happen because I’m a certifiable dork. My birthday is today. All I can say is what was I thinking? A week ago I agreed that because of my horrible habit of grinding … Continue reading

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(Originally written on January 10, 2011) I have to say, with the exception of literally about two or three people, there are very few souls that I call my friends who don’t know how to laugh. How is it that all … Continue reading

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Running with Horses

I am a runner.  I love to run, even if I look like a camel doing it.  I registered for a half marathon in Green River, Wyoming thinking that it would be great to  “Run with the Horses.”  The race … Continue reading

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Originally written in September 2011 I think that many of my favorite people also happen to be courageous (or is it that they are brave? You know, if you look both words up in the dictionary you get a lot … Continue reading

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Trust Intent

As many of you who have children know, raising two kids that are four years apart can be a harrowing experience. One is sometimes too young to understand that their behavior is offending some sensibility or another that the older … Continue reading

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To Infinity, and Beyond!

Originally written in November of 2012. My niece and her equally painful two year old have infiltrated my home.  I used to have a closet under the stairwell…it has once again been converted into a playroom. Now mind you, 16 … Continue reading

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