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The Day I Lost My Mind

Tomorrow will be one year since the day I lost my mind. Late the night before (a year ago today) I violently poked at the remote control to the television and tossed/ threw it onto the sofa.  Then amid expletives, … Continue reading

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Loch Leven Trail…Donde you are?

Every year, in an effort to introduce the children to the notion of hiking and backpacking, my sister Lenora organizes a “baby” (now “kid” trip).  When the two littlest ones were tiny, the hike involved a two mile roundtrip hike … Continue reading

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Day 2: Gratitude is Seeing the Connection

Gratitude is Seeing the Connection
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I Lost My Pride Up There

Going hiking in Yosemite is one of the easiest things you can do.  Trails are well marked.  There are tons of people, so you’re never really alone. It is however, so much more fun to hike a trail with someone … Continue reading

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To Infinity, and Beyond!

Originally written in November of 2012. My niece and her equally painful two year old have infiltrated my home.  I used to have a closet under the stairwell…it has once again been converted into a playroom. Now mind you, 16 … Continue reading

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