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El Camino: Departure

Last night I finally felt ready enough to load my pack, sans camera equipment that will be carried everywhere I go. As I packed with the goal of keeping under 20 lbs in mind I asked myself, “Do I really … Continue reading

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When the nest is (really, really) empty.

This weekend was wonderful albeit filled with all the anxiety and discomfort of a family milestone. We packed up the older sister and the three year old non stop talker (talkers are nothing new in our family) and headed to … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload

Smell you later! Continue reading

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Backyard Camping

Avi and I finally did it.  We slept outside in the back yard in my Big Agnes tent. May 5 can still be a cold time in Sacramento, so I dragged out every blanket I could so we would stay … Continue reading

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It’s His Lens

Blurry and mismatched Crystal clear and identical He is his mother’s child Nothing new to grandmothers but he is new to me He dances with abandon Sings with a full orchestra SOME PIG My heart swells when his eyes puddle … Continue reading

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Written Thursday, July 29, 2010, at 11:41pm   My friend brought me a bucket of plums. These plums are very purple and dark, and well, small. BUT they are delicious! They came to work in a square bucket; the remnant … Continue reading

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End Alz: Neche Lets Go.

  *This essay was written many years ago. I still cry when I read it. My aunt was a tough cookie.   I grabbed my yellow Nike bag and tossed in underwear, shirts, a jacket and some mascara. Mascara. Why would … Continue reading

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It’s a Yearly Event

A few years ago my sister, Lennie was introduced to a man that all of us who have ever lived in a small town wondered, how is that they never met before?  They started dating, and fell in love. Yeah that … Continue reading

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Originally written in November of 2010; five years before I myself became a grandmother (His Name is Avi).  And now, all I can think of is Gregoria.   I lay under the pillows as still as I could.  She would … Continue reading

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Happy Last Birthday, FDO!

In my house (and sometimes in my sister’s house) I tell people that they can only have birthday-days until the birth of their first child…then the celebrations belong to the new person, and the old person has no more birthdays. … Continue reading

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Missing Her

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year.  Usually, and I mean usually to imply that this year has been markedly different, I can sit back and relax on this Holy Night.  I light what seems to … Continue reading

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Moon Struck Again

I love coffee. So I don’t drink coffee. As a backpacker, I couldn’t consume enough coffee on the trail to prevent my inevitable withdrawal migraines so I decided to reduce my caffeine intake by switching to tea. I’m on my … Continue reading

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When the Moon Hits Your Eye….

“Mom, I’m coming home with a puppy.  You can’t talk me out of it. You’re going to love her,” he said. And like that my life changed again, without my permission, and without my input. I have always been known … Continue reading

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The Rose

With a slam and the loud bouncing pound of the screen door, Dons bolted out of the house. His mother, struggled to chase him but stood on the porch overcome with exhaustion at having to handle yet another of his … Continue reading

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The Yellow Sweater

I stepped off the train in my yellow sweater careful to step lightly, my eyes blinded by your smile I looked away   Illuminated into life under a summer’s sun your eye’s glance caught the reflection of my stare You … Continue reading

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