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When the nest is (really, really) empty.

This weekend was wonderful albeit filled with all the anxiety and discomfort of a family milestone. We packed up the older sister and the three year old non stop talker (talkers are nothing new in our family) and headed to … Continue reading

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Gracias. De Nada. You Welcome.

I took Avi to dinner tonight. We went to Vientos, the restaurant he has been going to since he was a tiny baby. We always purchased albóndiga soup for him because we could basically use a fork to baby-ize it. … Continue reading

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I am so grateful to be able to share my voice about getting people of color outside, especially when they go with family, both young and old. Please listen… https://she-explores.com/podcast/abuela-afuera-grandmother-outside/

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The Nightmare in the Milk Case

Nocih (which means my grandmother in Nahuatl) sometimes takes me to the grocery store with her. Today we needed some mushrooms and chicken so we spent some time going up and down the aisles. I like to visit Nocih because she loves … Continue reading

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Loch Leven Trail…Donde you are?

Every year, in an effort to introduce the children to the notion of hiking and backpacking, my sister Lenora organizes a “baby” (now “kid” trip).  When the two littlest ones were tiny, the hike involved a two mile roundtrip hike … Continue reading

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3/4 of the Way There

This is my mother, my mom.  I’ve never written about what she means to me before because I cry every time. Here she is all of about 22 years old.  She is holding her first child, me. I’d like to … Continue reading

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Teach Your Children (and Friends) Well

  On Cesar Chavez Day we spent time in Yosemite. I spend as much time in YNP as I am able and this day was poised to be a great time and as per usual it was. The scenery is … Continue reading

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Originally written in November of 2010; five years before I myself became a grandmother (His Name is Avi).  And now, all I can think of is Gregoria.   I lay under the pillows as still as I could.  She would … Continue reading

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Missing Her

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year.  Usually, and I mean usually to imply that this year has been markedly different, I can sit back and relax on this Holy Night.  I light what seems to … Continue reading

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Moon Struck Again

I love coffee. So I don’t drink coffee. As a backpacker, I couldn’t consume enough coffee on the trail to prevent my inevitable withdrawal migraines so I decided to reduce my caffeine intake by switching to tea. I’m on my … Continue reading

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Day 5: Gratitude is Seeing the Beauty

My friend asked to give voice to my gratitude for three things, once a day for a week. Today, a day when we received our first rain in months, I found gratitude in the beauty of it all. Day 5. … Continue reading

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When the Moon Hits Your Eye….

“Mom, I’m coming home with a puppy.  You can’t talk me out of it. You’re going to love her,” he said. And like that my life changed again, without my permission, and without my input. I have always been known … Continue reading

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Therapy in a Shoe Box

Birthdays have a way of making everyone a little more happy… More happy lets say, than they were the day prior, or the day after that date. Some birthdays are a little more momentous than others. For example, if you are … Continue reading

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Pace and Space

A talented writer directs and controls a reader’s pace and space through carefully chosen words and punctuation.  The reader then navigates the words like a raft floating down a river  and uses grammar and punctuation to guide her progress through … Continue reading

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Last night I foolishly thought that I could quickly and effortlessly create a blog page, link it to my Facebook page and successfully upload a new post. When I finally fell into bed at close to 3 AM I managed … Continue reading

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