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How Wild is Your Wild?: What do you really need to backpack in the wilderness?

  Have you read the book WILD by Cheryl Strayed?  It’s interesting and thought-provoking read.  That book was published in March of 2012.  I took my first hike during that summer (the Mist Trail in Yosemite) and hiked up Half Dome … Continue reading

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Day 5: Gratitude is Seeing the Beauty

My friend asked to give voice to my gratitude for three things, once a day for a week. Today, a day when we received our first rain in months, I found gratitude in the beauty of it all. Day 5. … Continue reading

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Therapy in a Shoe Box

Birthdays have a way of making everyone a little more happy… More happy lets say, than they were the day prior, or the day after that date. Some birthdays are a little more momentous than others. For example, if you are … Continue reading

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Leave No Trace

Most runners love to run in cool, dry weather.  Unfortunately for me, I love sleeping more than I love cool dry weather.  Heck I’ll run in the rain if I can sleep in.   So what does this mean? It … Continue reading

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