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The Day I Lost My Mind

Tomorrow will be one year since the day I lost my mind. Late the night before (a year ago today) I violently poked at the remote control to the television and tossed/ threw it onto the sofa.  Then amid expletives, … Continue reading

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Bridges and Waterfalls. 

There’s something to be said about taking a chance on people and doing something new with them.  I have been very busy the past few weeks and particularly the last two. I have been coordinating a huge home project, helping … Continue reading

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CIM I Love/Hate You

Well I did it… I ran the CIM…ok I sorta ran the CIM. I set a finisher goal of 4:40.  I thought, that’s doable for my first full marathon.  The hills are at the beginning and I’ve been training pretty … Continue reading

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Pace and Space

A talented writer directs and controls a reader’s pace and space through carefully chosen words and punctuation.  The reader then navigates the words like a raft floating down a river  and uses grammar and punctuation to guide her progress through … Continue reading

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Trust Intent

As many of you who have children know, raising two kids that are four years apart can be a harrowing experience. One is sometimes too young to understand that their behavior is offending some sensibility or another that the older … Continue reading

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Pea Salad

There is nothing like a fresh, cold, crunchy with cashews, pea salad!  But it can’t be just any pea salad. It has to be pea salad in the midst of friends, relatives, babies, puppies, grown up “weiner” dogs, and loud, … Continue reading

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