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When the nest is (really, really) empty.

This weekend was wonderful albeit filled with all the anxiety and discomfort of a family milestone. We packed up the older sister and the three year old non stop talker (talkers are nothing new in our family) and headed to … Continue reading

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In Sickness and In Health

I wonder if I have become immobilized by fear. I haven’t been able to run since mid August 2017. That is the first time I actually typed out that date and now it sits here on the page, staring me … Continue reading

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The Day I Lost My Mind

Tomorrow will be one year since the day I lost my mind. Late the night before (a year ago today) I violently poked at the remote control to the television and tossed/ threw it onto the sofa.  Then amid expletives, … Continue reading

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Bridges and Waterfalls. 

There’s something to be said about taking a chance on people and doing something new with them.  I have been very busy the past few weeks and particularly the last two. I have been coordinating a huge home project, helping … Continue reading

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CIM I Love/Hate You

Well I did it… I ran the CIM…ok I sorta ran the CIM. I set a finisher goal of 4:40.  I thought, that’s doable for my first full marathon.  The hills are at the beginning and I’ve been training pretty … Continue reading

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Pace and Space

A talented writer directs and controls a reader’s pace and space through carefully chosen words and punctuation.  The reader then navigates the words like a raft floating down a river  and uses grammar and punctuation to guide her progress through … Continue reading

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Trust Intent

As many of you who have children know, raising two kids that are four years apart can be a harrowing experience. One is sometimes too young to understand that their behavior is offending some sensibility or another that the older … Continue reading

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Pea Salad

  There is nothing like a fresh, cold, crunchy with cashews, pea salad!  But it can’t be just any pea salad. It has to be pea salad in the midst of friends, relatives, babies, puppies, grown-up “weiner” dogs, and loud, … Continue reading

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